The twelve point standard collection
  silver polished - cb-01-a   textured silver - cb-01-d   textured black - cb-01-e    
Yellow yellow gold polished - cb-01-f   yellow gold textured - cb-01-i   white gold polished - cb-01-j    
  white gold textured - cb-01-m   rose gold polished - cb-01-n   rose gold textured - cb-01-q    
  bronze oxidized - cb-01-v   cb_acc01-j-dia        
The nine point standard collection.
  silver polished - cb-02-a   textured silver - cb-02-d   textured black - cb-02-e    
  yellow gold polished - cb-02-f   yellow gold textured - cb-02-i   white gold polished - cb-02-j    
  white gold textured - cb-02-m   rose gold polished - cb-02-n   rose gold textured - cb-02-q    
  bronze oxidized - cb-02-v   cb_acc01-j-dia        
The quilted collection
  textured silver - cb-03-d   textured black - cb-03-e   yellow gold textured - cb-03-i    
  white gold textured - cb-03-m   rose gold polished - cb-03-q   bronze oxidized - cb-03-v