CN Policy




Welcome to CN Designs policy section.

At CN Designs, it is our stated policy to give our clients the best possible hand crafted pieces we can deliver. As a client you walk away with an apprecian of purchasing a Christian Nevin original.

Warrenty: Every Christian Nevin original comes with a COA ( certificate of Authenticity ). Items made in gold carry a ninty ( 90 day ) warrenty. The Silver items carry a thirty ( 30 ) day warrenty. The warrenty is against manufacturing defects only. Our warrenty does not cover any loss of a stone(s) due to misuse or abuse of an item.

Repairs or Refinishing: We offer refinsihing of our gold items at no extra charge. (Only normal shipping charges wiould apply). In the event you feel your custom piece needs detailed attention. We will be happy to refinish it. Please be aware that some metal may be removed in the normal refinishing process. Therefore, please limit refinishing until necessary to avoid any weakening the piece over time. We can also repair any of our items should they become damaged. Simply contact us to let us know what happened and that you will be sending us the piece. Please ship your item insured. We must have your personal contact information with the piece. Upon inspection of the damaged item, we will contact you with a quote of any repair charges that may apply along with a best estimate of turnaround time for your piece.

Returnes: Due to the nature of custom designed work, we cannot accept returnes. In the event your custom piece needs an adjustment, we will always accommodate our clients by making the necessary adjustments needed to get the item returned to you.

Thank you

Christian Nevin